Savage AF Meaning – Hindi & English

Savage AF is an english language slang term of phrase. Its meaning in hindi language is “बर्बर”, “क्रूर”, “अजेय”, “बेरहम”. The phrase is a combination of a word ‘Savage’ and an abbreviation ‘AF’. It has become quite popular in recent years because of its used in social media, memes, and internet messaging apps by teenagers and young adults.

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It is used for a person when he/she does an outrageously cool or hilarious act. It is also used in a negative way when someone does an act to show disrespect to others or hurt their feelings. Its meaning can be understood with similar words like ruthless, violent, merciless, Unstoppable. It is generally used in a negative reference to a person for his/her act. In Savage AF, AF is an abbreviation for ‘As F*ck’ which is added to make it sound cool or like an internet slang.

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Pronunciation of Savage AF in Hindi:

सैवेज ऐस फ़क

English sentence example of Savage AF:

Jason is one cool dude! His latest stunt with the skate board was Savage AF to say the least.

The way Anjana Singh grilled the politician in her new interview was Savage AF.

People don’t like the merciless attitude of big countries towards smaller countries. The way they disrespect sovereignty of economically weaker counties is Savage AF.

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Savage AF Hindi Synonyms:

बर्बर, क्रूर, अजेय, बेरहम

Savage AF English Synonyms: Merciless, Cruel, Violent, Ruthless

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