pseudonymous meaningPseudonymous is a greek origin word used commonly in english language. It means having a false, fictions or fake name for anonymity. In other words, it’s a word used for a person who’s identified by an assumed name. It can also be understood as a pen name.

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Pseudonymous in a sentence:

“She has been doing brilliant work as a pseudonymous journalist to unmask the group of corrupt officials.”

“These days fighting for a cause has become a bit easier with the presence of social media,” says Asha Parik, a pseudonymous activist working for women’s rights in India.

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“Matthew has been working pseudonymously for a noble cause to fight against the corrupt ministers in the government.”

“Speaking to the news channel about Ashish’s work, he first praised the pseudonymous cartoon artist.”

Pseudonymous Synonyms:

pen name, alias, assumed name, false name, fictitious name, incognito

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Pseudonymous in Hindi:

Its Hindi meaning is छद्मनामी / उपनाम से लिखनेवाला व्यक्ति!

सूडोनिमस एक अंग्रेजी भाषा का शब्द है! इसका मतलब होता है – काल्पनिक, कृतकनामीय, या फिर असत्य नाम पर लिखी हुई रचना!

सूडोनिमस का हिंदी वाक्य मैं प्रयोग:

“आजकल बहुत लोग काल्पनिक या फिर उपनाम (सूडोनिमस) का प्रयोग करते है सोशल मीडिया वेबसाइट्स का इस्तेमाल करते हुए!”

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Pseudonymous Meaning in Hindi

english slang wordsThe younger generation in India use a lot of slang words in general conversations. So what are the most commonly used english slang words in India and elsewhere? In this post you’ll learn 60 popular slang words that you must have heard but perhaps don’t know their meanings and why they are used.

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Ever heard someone reacting with a word called ‘wicked’ in response to something outstanding? Wicked definitely does not mean ‘bad’, ‘nasty’ or ‘evil’. It may come as a surprise but believe or not, ‘wicked’ is in fact a common slang word in english that people use as a synonym for ‘impressive’, brilliant’, or ‘awesome’. It’s a word that people use to express their thoughts for something they find impressive.

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Slangs are special words or expressions used by some people. They are generally used in casual conversations. People use these words randomly in conversations and over a period of time with consistent use and alteration they become slang. Undoubtedly slang is one of the difficult aspects of english language to learn. There are so many variations of words and meanings in different parts of the world which makes it challenging learn.

So why do people use slang words when they can use the proper english language words? Well, most people use them to sound less formal or cool. The other reason why slang is used to speak in more relaxing and comfortable way. It’s also a fact that some people find it easier to speak english with slang words in general conversations than using perfect english with proper words and grammar. This is probably why it is so common these days at least amongst youngsters.

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The other reason for popularity of slang is the rise of social media where generally use lesser words to make sentences for messages or for writing a comment. In that case slangs comes handy because you can quickly write short sentences to convey your message.

Below we have complied a list of most popular and commonly used english language slang terms and their meanings. So, let’s explore them:

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Word/PhraseMeaningExample sentence use
WTHWTH is an abbreviation of ‘what the hell’ or ‘what the heck’ which is used to express a shock or disbelief in something or an event that has happened. It is not even a word, but an abbreviation of a slang sentence.“WTH is wrong with you?”
UnrealA reaction to something that is excellent, impressive, brilliant or unbelievably good.“I love this new game, it’s just so unreal.”
PropsA word used to express respect, recognition or a feeling of deep admiration.“I know it was bad experience, but you have got to give her props for being competent.“
KudosA word used for showing admiration, appreciation or respect.“Kudos to organizers for putting up a grand show tonight.”
Bottom LineA thought or expression for main point of something, an event or a situation.“The bottom line is we are just not good enough to build this project from scratch.”
DissA word used when someone disrespects someone else.“You have no right to diss people behind their back. You must respect everyone”
DigSomething that you really like.“Hey Bro, i dig that new jacket! Where did you buy it from?”
Bob’s Your UncleThis is a common slang phrase in the UK mainly used at the end of the sentences. It is used to end a sentence with authority.“How did you make this roasted chicken? It’s delicious! Well, it’s all about the marination and roasting it with perfection and Bob’s your uncle!”
Buckle UpIt is used when you’re about to do something or get ready because you are next.“Buckle up! The ride is about to start.”
Budge UpIt is used when you want to tell someone to move aside or make space for you.“That’s my seat, would you please budge up a little?”
AceIt is used for things that are awesome or done with excellence. It is also used for achieving something with sheer perfection.“I just aced my mathematics exam!”
All Right?It is said when you meet someone to ask how are they.“All right mate? Good thanks, how are you?”
Full of BeansThis means to have tons of energy.“Puppies were full of beans at the training center today. I couldn't get any of them to sit and house train.”
AwfulIt’s an expressive word used for something really bad or unpleasant.“Going for that movie was an awful experience!”
BlatantA word used for something quite obvious.“The team is blatantly very annoyed, because of referee’s poor decision.”
Pear ShapedThis means something has become a disaster or did not go the way it was planned.“We were trying to throw a surprise party for our friends, but looks like it’s all gone pear-shaped!”
Walk In The ParkThis means the task or challenge was very easy to do.“The new science assignment was a walk in the park for me.”
Piece of CakeWhen a person is boasting something very easy to do for him/her, they would use this phrase.“What did you think of the interview? I thought it was very challenging. What about you?”

“I found it pretty easy, to be honest it was a piece of cake!”
BlimeyUsed for an expression of surprise or shock.“Blimey, what have you done? I told you not to mess up the house!”
BotchGenerally it is used when you want to express that the work done is of poor standard or done with clumsy attitude.“The construction company has done an awful job in the garden area of the house. They have botched it up big time.”
CheersIt’s said when drinking with friends to make a toast while raising the glasses together.“Cheers everyone! Matthew got a promotion!”
SmashingThis refers to something outstanding or brilliant.“We all had a smashing time in Dubai, it was the best holiday ever!”
Sod’s LawIt’s a common slang phrase used in the US when you want to express disappointment with something and accept it the way it is, because when it has to happen, it will happen. Just like you are prepared for whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.“I wore my favorite dress, because it was a lovely sunny day, but as soon as i stepped out, it started raining and the sunny day ended up with a mess! Ugh….Sod’s Law!”
Chin WagThis means having a long enjoyable conversation or chat with someone.“I saw Mary Jane after so long, and we have a wonderful time together. Not to mention, the lovely chin wag we had was special, like the good old days.”
ChuffedAn expressive word often used when a person is extremely pleased or happy about something.“My dad bought me a new gaming console when i scored good marks in my exams. I was chuffed to bits!”
CramWhen you study your heart out in short time for exam preparation, this is the word used to describe it.“I was so busy with my relatives wedding before the exam, that i only had a week to cram in all the studies and revision work, and it was very difficult.”
Nice OneThis is used in admiration and praise for someone who have done something good or impressive.“Nice One! Your newly published book is very good.”
CrikeyExclamation of surprise or shock.“I purchased a new car.”
“Crikey! You must have spent all your savings, right? Sigh!”
DearAn expensive thing“It’s difficult to buy all the groceries these days, because everything is so dear!”
FaffThis is used when someone delay or postpone something or when wasting time thinking over it without any action.“You have to stop faffing around, because we are already late and there is not time to procrastinate.”
DoThis means partying.“Are you going to Ben’s birthday do tonight?”
FlogTo sell something“I managed to flog my old laptop for a decent price and now i’m going to buy a new one.”
SwagThis means style and attitude in someone's personality. "Wow! This boy have some serious swag!"
VlogThis means video recording your daily life or activities.“I have my own Youtube channel for Vlogs i shoot everyday.”
FortnightIt’s an abbreviation for 2 weeks or 14 days.“It has been a fortnight since I last played football.”
GobsmackedThis means feeling amazed, astounded or utterly astonished.“I can’t believe I scored an A+ in my test! I thought i was going to score pretty bad. Oh my god, I’m completely gobsmacked!”
OMGIt’s an abbreviation for “OH My God!” and it is used to express a surprise, shock or disbelief.“OMG, I lost my phone! What am i going to do now?”
Chin UpIt means be brave and strong to fight it out.“Common man, chin up! You’ve got this, i’m sure you’ll do it.”
Splash OutWhen you have over spent money or paid way to much for something.“I wanted to give my mother a surprise gift, so I splashed out on a beautiful diamond ring for her.”
GrubThis means food.“I’m really hungry, i’m going to get some grub for myself, do you want anything?”
Leg ItIt means start running in desperation or run for it.“I was out for a walk in the park and someone jumped out from nowhere in front of me. I was so scared, that i just legged it all the way back home!”
ZonkedTerm used when someone is completely exhausted“Joseph had lot fun at the party last night, but he’s totally zonked at the moment.”
BlindingUsed for grand success to express how amazing it was.“James & Nina had organized such as a blinding wedding party. Everyone had such a great time!”
DodgySomeone not to be trusted.“Last night a saw a dodgy looking person roaming around our street, and i immediately notified the police.”
Bee’s KneesSomething or someone really magnificent, fabulous, or spectacular.“You should see my new car, it’s totally bee’s knees!”
GuttedFeeling of utter disappointment“I’m so gutted we lost yet another match against a weaker team.”
PeanutsSomething really cheap or easily achievable“I really think i need a new job! I work so much and still get paid peanuts.”
HaggleArguing to negotiate the price of something you are interested in buying.“The last time we went shopping with my girl friend, she was haggling for dress that was already sold on discounted price.”
JollyIt used in all sort of ways but generally it means ‘Very.’ For example if someone says, ‘Jolly Good’ it means very good.“The cake we ate was jolly good!”
Throw a spanner in the worksIt’s an expression to destruct something.“We all managed to keep the surprise a secret, but then my mother threw a spanner in the works by tell her!”
KipA short sleep or nap.“I’m going to kip before everyone arrives for the party or else i won’t get time to rest later.”
Wind upMaking fun of someone“I was winding up her for a bit of fun, but then she got really angry and left.”
MateThis means a friend, buddy or pal.“Mate, would you like to join me at a friend’s birthday party?”
Not my cup of tea
It’s a saying for something that is not to your liking.“I don’t like loud metal music. It is not my cup of tea.”
PorkiesIt means telling lies.“Don’t trust a word he said, he’s was telling porkies.”
RowA word used for argument or aggressive conversation.“My friend smashed his dad’s car yesterday, and then he had a huge row with him. He’s really upset!”
Donkey YearsThis means a person has not seen someone for a very long time.“Hey Jason! Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in donkey’s years! How are you brother?”
Take a chill pillIt means ease up and relax.“Sarah, you are just overreacting! Just take a chill pill and stop thinking over it.”
Easy PeasyA term for something ridiculously easy“It hardly takes 5 minutes to make. It’s easy peasy!”
Outta HereIt means done with it or going out of here.“Look, I have had enough of this nonsense, i’m outta here!”
SortedWhen someone ask you about an issue you have already fixed, you reply with it.“Have you fixed the leaky roof? Oh yes, it is sorted now.”
StropWhen someone act miserable or behave in a sulking way, this term can be used for the person.“Jimmy would you please cheer up? It’s your prom night, don’t be so stropy!”
CheerioSaying goodbye in a friendly manner.“I’m late, I have to go now, i hope to see you soon. Cheerio!”
WangleA term to use when someone luckily get something.“It’s great to see him wangle an upgrade at the hotel to get a honeymoon suite for the price of standard room.”
WonkyFor something shaky, wobbling or unstable“It’s really difficult to eat in a train because it’s wonky all the time.”

65 Most Common English Slang Words & Their Meanings

awesome hindi meaningAwesome is an english word. Its meaning in hindi language is “अद्भुत” or “बहुत बढ़िया”. The word is generally used to express a feeling of “never seen before” or “awe-inspiring”. For example, “The kind of electrifying atmosphere i witnessed in the stadium, it was truly awesome!”

Awesome as a word has become a lot popular in India. Specially the youth use it a lot in their conversations. It is also used in social media a lot nowadays. For example you must have received a compliment “You are looking awesome today”. When you want to refer something amazing, beautiful or unbelievable you can use the word “Awesome”.

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Pronunciation of Awesome in Hindi:

आसम / ऑसम / ऑसम

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English sentence example:

1. Tourist destinations in northern regions of India are simply awesome.

2. The performance of Indian cricket team is truly awesome.

3. I will never forget the awesome food we had in the restaurant.

4. The new t-shirt is looking awesome!

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Hindi sentence example:

1. भारत के उत्तरी क्षेत्र में पर्यटन स्थल अद्भुत हैं।

Hindi Synonyms:

अद्भुत, बहुत बढ़िया, विस्मयाकुल, महिमामय, अत्यंत प्रभावशाली, ग़ज़ब का, कमाल का, विस्मयकारी

English Synonyms: breathtaking, stunning, amazing, wonderful, astonishing, awe-inspiring, stupendous, stellar, staggering, amazing, extraordinary, incredible, unbelievable.

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Awesome Meaning in Hindi

denizen hindi meaningDenizen is an English language word and its meaning in Hindi is “निवासी” which means people who are native to a particular place or location. Synonyms of Denizen word are citizen, habitant, dweller, indweller.


Example of using Denizen in a sentence (English Language):

Denizen of New Delhi are suffering with life threatening health problems due to increased level of air pollution in the city.

Example of using Denizen in a sentence (Hindi Language):

नई दिल्ली के निवासी वायु प्रदूषण के स्तर में वृद्धि होने के कारण कई स्वास्थ्य समस्याओं से पीड़ित हैं ।


वासी, बाशिंदा, देशीकृत, नागरिक, नागरिकता-प्राप्त, निवासी, रहनेवाला

Inflected forms:

denizens, denizened, denizening, denizens

Definitions and Meaning in English:

A person who belongs to or inhabits a place which can be a local area, city, town, village, state or country.

Meaning in Tamil:


Meaning in Telugu:


Denizen Meaning in Hindi