Oggy And The Cockroaches In Hindi

oggy and the cockroaches-in-hindiOggy and the Cockroaches is probably the most loved cartoon series in India at the moment because kids are crazy about it. Even though India is the largest english speaking country, but people still search for hindi dubbed version of oggy and the cockroaches. For this, they can head over to Youtube and watch the videos of the series dubbed in Hindi language.

Oggy and the cockroaches in Hindi

ओग्गी एंड दी कॉकरोचेस

In the cartoon series, Oggy is character of a blue cat that love cooking, eating and watching TV. He loves his life, but then he has to deal with the intruders who are 3 pesky cockroaches. In the cartoon the story is always about how those three roaches ruin Oggy’s peaceful life by irritating him, raiding his refrigerator and eating his food. It originally a french animated cartoon series, but it has become quite famous across the world and specially in India.

Show’s script revolves around Oggy that is a fat blue cat, who love watching TV all day long, eating and cooking his favourite meals. However, his peaceful days are often ruined by three roaches in the household. These roaches are names as Joey, Dee Dee and Marky. The fun begins when they all gang up together to make Oggy’s life miserable by irritating him. They do crazy things like plundering Oggy’s fridge with awful things that he hates, or taking over Oggy’s car and so much more. The series is a fun ride just like it is in Tom and Jerry as the drama is centred around how a gang of roaches break hell over Oggy’s awesome life by invading is peaceful existence.

This series is much loved in India, and it has become quite popular as well. If you want to watch it in Hindi, play the embedded video below and enjoy the ride with Oggy and his buddy roaches.

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