Niche Meaning in Hindi

niche meaningNiche is an english word. Its meaning in hindi language is “आला”, “विशेष कौशल”, “विशिष्ट बाजार”. The word Niche is an English language word. It is a position or area of expertise used for a person that suits him/her. For instance there can be a specific skill or profession that suits a person. A person can find niche specific business that he understands well and that can help him/her succeed in it.

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Niche can be understood as a particular job designation that is suitable for a person because he/she likes working in that area. We often hear how some individuals manage to carve a niche for themselves to excel in it and become successful.

Pronunciation of Niche in Hindi:

निश / निच

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English sentence example of Niche:

This new music band has managed to carved a niche for itself by producing music that nobody else does. They have been very impressive with their tunes and lyrics.

There is huge scope for niche marketing because it converts well and yields much better revenue on investment.

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There will always be a massive demand for niche products in economy like India.

Hindi sentence example:

आला विपणन एक कला है जो की पेशेवर व्यक्ति ही कर सकता हे।

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Niche Hindi Synonyms:

आला, ताक, विशेष बाजार, विशिष्ट कला

English Synonyms: niche marketing, niche products, niche audience, niche skills, small business, specific market, particular field