Nepotism Meaning in Hindi

nepotism meaningNepotism is an english word. Its meaning in hindi language is “भाई-भतीजावाद”, “रिश्तेदारों को तर्जी देना”, “रिश्तेदारों को फायदा पहुँचाना”. The word Nepotism is used for an act of using power to influence and provide unethical benefits to family members and relatives. In India nepotism is used for politicians who help their family members, friends and relatives to get jobs or undue favours by using their political power.

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It can also be understood as a common practice among people who are in power. They use their political power to influence in order to give undue favours to relatives or friends. Nepotism is basically depriving common people and helping friends and family members in getting government jobs.

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Pronunciation of Nepotism in Hindi:


English sentence example of Nepotism:

In most countries government offices are market by massive corruption and nepotism.

Most politicians in India have allegations of nepotism because they prefer keeping the power amongst their close group of friends, family members and relatives.

Nepotism is a big concern in Indian political system and it should be eradicated for true sense of democracy.

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Hindi sentence example:

नेपोटिस्म का असर भारतीय राजनीती में आसानी से देखा जा सकता हे।

नेपोटिस्म एक राजनीतिक कुरीती हे जिसका जड़ से सफाया होना चाहिए।

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Nepotism Hindi Synonyms:

पक्षपात, पसंद, भेदभाव

English Synonyms: bias, favouritism, preferentialism, partisanship, partiality

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