Incredulous Meaning in Hindi

incredulous meaningIncredulous is an english word. Its meaning in hindi language is “विश्वास करने के लिए तैयार नहीं”, “अविश्वसनीय”, “बदगुमान”, “संदेह करने वाला”. The word incredulous is an English language word. It is used for an individual person or group of people who are unwilling to accept something or don’t believe in it.

Going by the definition of incredulous, it is an adjective for not able to believe in something. For instance, it can be used to describe incredulous Indian cricket fans who are not ready to accept the defeat of their team in the tournament.

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Incredulous is generally used for an expression of indicating disbelief in something that is not credulous. It can also be used for skepticism or doubtful thought about something.

Pronunciation of Incredulous in Hindi:

इन्क्रेडेलस / इन्क्रेडलॉस

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English sentence example of Incredulous:

Incredulous behaviour of sports fans is not a good gesture for the game because it makes followed suspicious as well.

Watching these Incredulous fans behaving like sore losers after their team’s poor performance is hilarious.

Your Incredulous manner is not in the spirit of the game.

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Hindi sentence example:

भारत की करारी हार के बाद खेल प्रेमियो का संदेहास्पद रवैया ठीक नहीं हे क्यूकी यह खेल भावना के विरुष हे ।

Incredulous Hindi Synonyms:

संदेह करने वाला, बदगुमान, अविश्वासी, शक्की, विश्वास ना करना, संदेहास्पद

English Synonyms: skeptical, doubtful, disbelief, not believing, showing unbelief

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