Grievance Meaning In Hindi

Grievance Meaning HindiGrievance is an english word and its meaning is ‘cause for complaint’. Grievance meaning in Hindi is शिकायत. Other meanings of Grievance could be कष्ट, उलाहना, व्यथा, परिवेदना in hindi language. The word is often used for a real or imagined cause for complaint. It is especially used for unfair treatment.

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Generally it is used for a complaint over something believed to be wrong or unfair. Example use of Grievance in a sentence: “The organization has created a website to be used as a grievance registration system for its employees.” Section below explains grievance meaning in Hindi, synonyms, antonyms and sentence uses.

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ग्रीविएंस का हिंदी में अर्थ | Grievance Ka Matlab Hindi Main

ग्रीविएंस का हिंदी में अर्थ शिकायत करना होता है| एक उद्धरण के तौर पर एक कर्मचारी अपनी कंपनी के खिलाफ ग्रीविएंस कंप्लेंट फाइल कर सकता है|

Pronunciation of Grievance in Hindi is provided below:


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Grievance Definition

When an employee has raised certain issue or complaint towards the employer or organization in the workplace it is known as ‘grievance’. There could be many reasons for raising grievance complaint by the employee or any individual.

Sentence Usages

“In India consumer forum or court can be used by consumers to file grievance complaint against a product or service providing company if they are not happy with it.”

“If you think you are treated unfairly by your employer, you have every right to raise grievance towards the employer.”

“The labour union has filed a grievance in consumer court to get their dues paid by the government.”

“Every day hundreds of grievance cases are filed in consumer courts.”

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Grievance Synonyms / Similar Words

allegation, complaint, resentment, bitterness, allegation, animosity, hardship, oppression, grudge, gripe, objection, affliction, protest, injustice