AAR Meaning – Read Definition & Full Form

Thinking what does AAR mean? We will learn meaning of AAR in this post. Its meaning in English is “At Any Rate”. It is a common abbreviation used in marketplaces where goods or services are sold or traded. For instance a buyer may offer the seller to purchase the products at any rate. For that he may use its short form as AAR.

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What is AAR Meaning in Hindi?

AAR in hindi means “किसी भी कीमत पर

If you are thinking what AAR means, what is the definition and how AAR is used sentences, please read these example sentences:

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I’m willing to purchase your products AAR (at any rate) but the quality has to be as promised otherwise I will return the order.

People are willing to buy flats AAR in metro cities in India and that is the reason why property prices are so high.

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