Idioms For Kids – Examples & Meanings

idioms for kidsSchool curriculums for kids in India have idioms as an important part of English language subject. Idioms are group of words that have a particular meaning. They can be used in conversation sentences for expressing an underlying meaning, value or positive thought. There are many useful idioms and phrases for kids that teachers and parents can teach them. They are meaningful and make kids learn important lessons in life.

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Every language has idioms, wise sayings and phrases. They have a deep message about how one should live by following certain ideas, principles and values. These meaningful sayings and phrases are known as idioms. If they are longer group of words, they are called proverbs. Speaking basic or simple English is great, but when you construct sentences with idiomatic expressions, it sounds more authoritative and assertive.

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In the section down below we have provided a list of idioms for kids. The list also include popular phrases, slangs and words.

Idioms Examples & Meanings

Idiom Meaning
Read between the lines Find the hidden meaning in the sentences
Give it a shot Give it a try and see if you can do it
Speak your mind Feel free to say whatever you want
A piece of cake Extremely easy to do
Slipped my mind I forgot it
Cross your fingers For good luck and fortune
Be in hot water In troublesome situation
Get cold feet Be nervous
It cost an arm and a leg An expensive thing to purchase
A rip off Way too expensive
It’s in the bag It is a certainty or surely going to happen
Get a kick out of Enjoy or Have Fun
Have mixed feelings Not sure how you’re feeling about something
Draw a blank Can’t remember something
Be second to none Simply The Best
Hands Down Acknowledge A Legendary Person
Have a change of heart Change of mind, plan or mood
I’m Outta Here! I’m going out
Get your act together Behave yourself & act properly
Play it by ear Improvise and take it as it comes
Have second thoughts Doubtful Mindset
A basket case A mad or mentally unstable person
Have a shot at Have a go at something or a chance
Be in the same boat In a similar situation
Kettle of fish Something is completely different
Fish out of water Being somewhere you don’t belong
Give someone the cold shoulder Ignoring Someone
The icing on the cake Added bonus or something additional that makes it even better
A grey area Unclear or Unpredictable
Out of the blue All of a sudden
I’m all ears I’m listening! You have all my attention
See eye to eye I Agree with it
Call it a day Time to stop or quit
Get off your high horse Stop thinking you are superior to others
Hold your horses Stop for a minute
Horse of a different color Something that is different
Let the cat out of the bag Tell us the secret you have been hiding
Birdbrain Someone who is not intelligent or smart
Goose is cooked You are in trouble now
A little birdie told me Someone told me a secret
Hot dog A person doing dangerous stunts
For the birds Something worthless
Bee in her bonnet She is upset
Pig out Eat a lot
Wolf in sheep’s clothing A person who pretends to be good but is not
Cry crocodile tears Pretending to be upset or crying
Make a mountain out of a molehill Making look something a big deal even if it is not that important
But a bug in his ear Make a suggestion
You can’t teach an old dog new tricks It’s difficult for older people to learn new things
A bull in a china shop someone who is very lazy
Raining cats and dogs It’s raining heavily
Curiosity killed the cat Asking may get you in trouble
Cat got your tongue? Why aren’t you talking?

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