9 Popular Words To Describe Enemies

Bully – They are everywhere! In school, college, neighbourhood and in your office too. A bully is a person who is quarrelsome and blustering. They love making people feel bad by overpowering them. They never grow out of it. What makes them a bully is their physical dominance, which they use to make up for their insecurities, incompetence and deficiencies.

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Manipulative – They are the ones who always try to influence others with their overpowering opinion. Their sole motive is to influence their competitors by emotional or tactical manipulation for own purposes.

Screwup – A person who always makes blunders. Whichever work is assigned to them is either screwed or never completed. In offices, there is always one employee who’s called a screwup by the boss.

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Weasel – Ever seen those over-acting cuddly people in offices? They are called weasels. In officer context they are known to be cunning or sneaky because of their behaviour at work.

Backstabber – There always a cunning backstabber in every office. They are super smooth at your face and you’ll love them for the sweet talks, but right behind, they will be plotting against you. Their attitude is always to discredit others by underhanded means.

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Gossip – They are everywhere and offices are not an exception. Gossip girls and boys at work place are the ones who talk nonsense about their colleagues and spread rumours. The just love the chit chat at work.

Psycho – Going by the definition, a psycho is a person who is mentally unstable. Even though mental illness shouldn’t be seen as humor, but in offices there is always one psycho who’ll freak you out at times with his/her weird acts at work.

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Deceitful – In every office there is a deceitful employee who will promise to deliver the assigned task on time, but in reality he/she is not being entirely truthful. They mislead others and mess-up the deadline by making others rely on them.

Arrogant – The world is full of different kinds of people. In offices you will come across some individuals who are extremely arrogant for no reason. They will never answer your questions politely despite you being friendly with them. It is in their nature to be arrogant for no reason.

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