Funny Words You May Not Know

You probably know a lot of funny words, but there are some hidden gems that you probably don’t know. Let’s have a look at them down below:

Canoodle – Definition of canoodle is “to fondle or pet amorously”. The word is originated from Britain as the most earliest references are British. You can see canoodle being used in many British entertainment magazines and news portals.

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Bumfuzzle – it is common word used in southern states in the United States. It means to fluster or confuse. It sounds funny but can be a nice name for a pet, isn’t it?

Cattywampus – The word takes you back to 1830s as it is from that era. As an adverb, it means “diagonally or obliquely”. Whatever the meaning is, but it definitely sounds funny or interesting to say the least.

Diddly-squat – It is a common word used in negative context to denote a something that is inconsequential or less important.

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Dongle – You must have heard it right? It is popular word used for Internet connectivity devices. A dongle can be a pen drive or data connectivity device.

Fartlek – It is a word used for a specific training technique used by athletes and runners. It is originated from Sweden.

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Shivoo – It is an Australian word that stands for “cheerful party or celebration”. Bizarre isn’t it? Well, it surely is a fun word to say the least.

Snark – It is a word for a mysterious and imaginary animal. Some people also use it for rude or sarcastic criticism.

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